About Us

Nationwide Facilities Management Corp founded in 2014, started off operations as a cleaning & floor polishing company and today has established its presence as a one stop shop in the facility management industry. We provide a complete range of maintenance, cleaning and management solutions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to our clients.

The clients’ requirements are at the heart of what we do at Nationwide. Aided by a management team backed by decades of experience, we structure a bespoke solution to provide exceptional operational, technical and commercial management while minimising our clients’ involvement & risk exposure. Support services & ad-hoc work is accommodated as much as possible to allow for absolute comfort for the client as we protect and enhance the value of our client asset with multiple, highly specialised works teams.

The facilities we manage on behalf of our clients are ultimately about the people that use them. From offices and residences to schools and hospitals, we ensure that vital equipment and infrastructure continues operating safely, efficiently and reliably.

We provide a full range of facility management services to single and multi-site portfolios of all sizes. By applying that to everything we do, we can deliver bespoke, harmonised solutions that support our clients activities, drive cost from their businesses and add value to their operations.

What we do

NFMC offers a full range of facility management solutions – from general or specialised cleaning and property services to comprehensive facility management. Our business model is founded on strong and dynamic systems and processes, ensuring clarity of purpose, strong communication internally and with our clients, and consistency of service delivery.

NFMC’s focused service guarantees a customised problem-solving approach for each client. Our commitment to superior service delivery relies on skilled recruitment, concise induction and management of a well-trained team.

Where possible, NFMC focuses on solutions to reduce overall energy use, proactively manage waste, and use green products to enhance indoor air quality.

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Our Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2008.
  • Quality Management System

At Nationwide we have always strived to be a compliant company and put an emphasis on setting standards for the industry.

In order to continue being compliant with our certifications we take the effort to organize regular toolbox meetings and workshops for our employees to ensure incidents are avoided and utmost safety is ensured for all.

Nationwide puts it workers first! At a time where resources might seem hard to obtain, we are proud to have been able to maintain a healthy, loyal workforce over many years, a testament to the effort we put in to keeping our workers happy!

Vision and Values

At Nationwide we aim to provide a solution to all your facility management needs under one roof.
As we continue to grow to greater heights, we put our utmost effort in ensuring that we operate to the highest quality standards.
It is not a short-term solution we provide but a long lasting relationship built on trust and comfort .

About the Team

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Our Locations

Nationwide FMC operates across all metropolitan areas of Australia. We are headquartered in Melbourne with branch offices in Brisbane, Perth & Tasmania

  • Melbourne

  • Regional Victoria

  • Perth

  • Sydney

  • Brisbane

  • Alice Springs

  • Adelaide

  • Hobart and Launceston

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