Floor Care

Nationwide facilities management offers wide range of cleaning services; tailored to the requirements of commercial and industrial facilities of any size.

We have been a leader in hard floor strip and sealing, floor care and cleaning services for over a decade. We’re proud to have built a reputation for excellence in this industry, and strive to be the best provider of high quality maintenance across Australia

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Vinyl Polishing

We offer a high level of expertise when it comes to industrial and commercial floor cleaners and use the latest equipment available.

Our three vinyl floor cleaning levels include:

  • Vinyl Buff & Polish: Maintenance for vinyl flooring that has recently been cleaned and does not require intensive work. We will leave your floors spotless and shining.
  • Vinyl Strip & Seal: A facelift for vinyl floor that has not received regular upkeep, or that endures a high level of traffic. We will strip back the original sealant, thoroughly clean the vinyl beneath and then reseal the space. The results will astound you.
  • Vinyl Sealing: Protection for vinyl flooring that has not yet been properly sealed. We will clean the vinyl and apply multiple layers of sealant to help protect it from wear and tear.

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High pressure cleaning

Nationwide facilities offers specialised pressure washing service. Capable of washing buildings both externally and internally including suitable types of flooring to eliminate the most stubborn of stains.

High water pressure cleaning has multiple applications. It one of the most effective and, when carried out correctly, efficient ways to remove hard compacted grime and dirt. It is also valuable as a method for removing mould, or other staining from hard surfaces.

Our technicians are well trained and bring valuable expertise to every job we attend.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Unclean carpets harbour a lot of unwanted bacteria and can give rise to allergies and irritants in the body. Nationwide specializes in carpet steam cleaning for all types of carpet across office, residential & retail. Whether it is periodical cleans or returning your stained carpet to a new look we have got you covered!

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you operate within the hospitality or commercial spheres, our service comes highly recommended to ensure compliance with hygienic standards. Rejuvenate your floors with a comprehensive tile and grout cleaning service.

Our team of dedicated professionals will help rejuvenate your floors with a comprehensive tile and grout cleaning service.

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Our Locations

Nationwide facilities service retail facilities, warehouse, and commercials office spaces across Australia. Some of our key service locations are

  • Melbourne

  • Regional Victoria

  • Perth

  • Sydney

  • Brisbane

  • Alice Springs

  • Adelaide

  • Hobart and Launceston

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